Michael Prestage – Friends Trax

Sunday afternoon mixdown including tracks from some very talented friends. Shouts to Rich Lane, Duncan Gray, Rothmans Ant, The Gemini Brothers, Chris Massey, Red Axes, Daniel Kyo , Two Mamrrachos and of course Nein Records and Teniente Castillo. Hope you enjoy!

1. No Regret by Daniel Kyo
2. Kachiri – Ivan Smagghe Crossed Edit by Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca
3. Solenoid by Rodion
4. Nein ‘The Claydermans Oh Nein Remix’ byNaduve & Katzele
5. Mucho Malo by Two Mamrrachos
6. Eridu Eridu – Duncan Gray remix by Gemini Brothers
7. Gold Lily by William Earl
8. Unknown by Unknown
9. Love from Lagos by Chris Massey
10 .Volupia – Kasper Bjorke’s Kokomo Mix by Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca
11. What Time is Love – Rich Lane Cotton Dub by The KLF
12. Kick Intrusion by Duncan Gray
13. Pleasure Moon – DJ Version by Marcus Marr
14. Beauty Place by The Modernphase
15. Nu by Red Axes & Zidan
16. Nightingale (Giom Remix) by 303Bastard


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